About Attainr

Attainr is a personal time tracker,
built to be fun and rewarding.

The Attainr way

Great things in life takes a lot of discipline and time. Forming productive habits is key in building a lifestyle built for reaching your long term goals.

The Attainr way is to remove the focus on trying to do as much as possible in short sprints, and only focus on how much time we spend.

Doing this helps us to get in to good habits which improves our long term productivity.

Read more about this in the Attainr blog.

Where is my data stored?

Attainr uses Firebase for all data storage.

This means it will always be fast, reliable and secure.
Backups are made daily and stored on multiple locations.

It's free?

Yes! And it always will be.

Paid plans will likely be introduced in the future for advanced users.
The core functionality will however always remain free.

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